Who is who

I recently got into Dr. Who, I started with the Netflix episodes available here where I started out with the eleventh doctor portrayed by Matt Smith. Being an old fan of Star Trek, and other vintage Sci Fy, I do not know if I made a mistake of not starting with earlier incarnations of the Doctor. On the other hand, really cheasy old Sci Fy can at times be too much of stretch for even my enthusiastic imagination. I liked Matt Smiths rendering of the Doctor, the wacky slightly goofy yet ancient alien. So the next installation with Peter Capaldi was a bit of a shock. His more dark rendition was in my opinion a little bit difficult to transition into. But as I see more of it, it reminds me of the James Bond universe, despite the changes in characters, you get the bonus of a known universe. The entire history, the villains, the “rules” but we get a new series. It works when it works, however the legacy is like dragging mines, if you are not careful it can be destructive.

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