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So here we are, what is the purpose, who am I, the man in the mirror? What information is necessary, relevant or wanted? But regretfully, NO!

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[/ezcol_1half_end]Today the world is flooded with paranoia and increasingly complex conspiracy theories, not because we lack information, but because we have too much information. Transparency has not given us insight, or demystified the world as we have yearned for, but  rather it has re-mystified the world again, because most people cannot cope or will not understand the increasingly enormous magnitude, of the worlds information in its current state of availability and complexity. So they make up their own world, sinister motives and valiant heroes, disregarding common sense, science, sometimes even logic and their own five senses, and create a world with more well defined, yet totally misguided causalities and motives, to explain the combined, but uncoordinated efforts of all people and random events.

So this page will be without answers, no information, besides this text, no complexity other than the page itself, and when you navigate forward, or backwards…it is, as if it was never here, not because it is not here, but because it carries no value, and as such, ¬†should it be ignored…?

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