Cards Against Humanity

New version 2.0

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This is my set of Danish Cards Against Humanity. It is a combination of the original set, some additions I have found lying around online, and my own inventions. Mine are the those that do not offend you, and if they all offend you, well, then none of them are mine, I have never even seen the cards, I promise.
If you feel that you might be offended please DO NOT download them and complain afterwards, any download is to be considered consent to view and read the material, and I am as such not liable for your feelings.

I am standing on the shoulders of “Lasse” who did the initial danish translation, still available for download on the Cards Against Humanity Website. But also the creative people around the world, there are indeed some sick minds out there. 🙂

I have changed some, adjusted the wording or references of a few more, and dropped a handfull I found made little or no sense in a danish context, and translated a few cards not found in Lasses original translated set. On top of this I have added some myself.

All my cards have an added key printed on them, this is mostly for my own use, so I can trace the card easier and determine the original english version or adjust wordings, print irregularities etc.

This set is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. Initial author and creator is Cards Against Humanity LLC.
Feel free to download, change and distribute these cards, as long as you credit the original author.

The cards are approx. 8,5 cm high times 6,3 cm wide. This means only 9 cards pr. page. As there is almost 1400 white cards, and 350 black cards in these two files, you should consider things like paperquality etc. before starting to print. It comes to almost 220 pages.

Throughout the file, you will find Cards that reads “NOT READY” or “0”, these are either cards waiting to be translated, or very US biased references and will be added in later versions, when I find a good danish reference or simply a consequence of the way I produce the pdf.

Current version of the set is 2.0

2 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity”

  1. Hi Esben, the cards are produced as an pdf export from excel, the actual text is a long list, and the cards contains a formula that puts the text in from the list into the graphic sheet. If the list has an empty value, this becomes a 0 in the card. I had the intention of adding many more cards so i have created room for many more, but have yet to find the time. I may add more during the next couple of months, but no promises.

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