Equality and sexism…and stupidity

I read on a blog which will only be referred to as “the blog”. Since I found the latest content so mindnumbingly stupid, I did not find it worthy to mention by name. All the same I was compelled to hit the keys and respond, someone might read it and mistake it for facts.

The Author claims that sexism and sexual assaults are running rampant in the state of Denmark, based solely ,it appears, on the flow of thoughts of the author. The only hard fact that is cited is the EU report where Sweden and Denmark suddenly popped up as the hardcore sexist societies, where testosterone apparently is the only guiding principle, and men do not hold back in grabbing a handfull of boob, if the mood strikes us. But having read the report, I can find several problems in the conclusion that is drawn from the data. I do not deny that some may be victims of sexual assault in Denmark and Sweden also, this is of course deplorable and should be  dealt with. But I do think that women in Sweden and Denmark suffer from a misconception, most likely from the many years  they have spend labeling themselves as victims in a society, that is already feminized to the point of insanity. Denmark and Sweden are perhaps the most feminine societies in the world, but since no objective data exist on this, this is for now merely my opinion. Anyhow the report states that a third of all danish women have experienced sexual and/or physical violence since they were 15. So either I have been shielded in my life, or… I do know, and have known a number women, family, wife, friends and despite this still is a big taboo, I suspect I would have met a lot in my nearly 40 years if these numbers were valid. But I have ever only heard of couple in my entire life, which would leave us with a number closer to 1-3% instead of 33%. Additionally, who does the beating, I know no one who have displayed, or even indicated that they thought it would be OK. So how does this work, who is getting beat up and who is doing it? Or is the women who answer this study really answering something else. Is there an equal study that indicates how many men have been involved violence, if so sign me up. I got slapped around at a party when I was 16. But does that constitute a general problem, or just the fact that 3 guys were idiots.

I think the debate looses its validity because the argument seems to come from a group that is more than 50% of the population, who has better education, longer avg. lifespan, better health and yet still insist on viewing themselves as victims.
Like the increasing pressure we see to the freedom of speech coming from religious and other groupings whenever their sensibilities are grazed, so do the female agenda feel that any non-preferential treatment of women is inherently sexist. The individualized idea is that if I felt any discomfort at all as a women, it must have sexism. But women and the blogger seem to have forgotten, that equality means no preferential treatment, to either men or women, that does not equal qoutas, designated spots and behavior to cater to women. I once read a mathematician, who said that many people mistakenly thinks random is evenly distributed, but that is wrong. So if sex is not be considered, is also means that 5 men may be chosen over 5 women, without this being anything other than parameters other than sex, picked these 5. That denial of breastfeeding in a restaurant is not sexist, It can be merely be a preference of the owner, like the choice to serveronly fish, or have a mariachi band. Just beacuse you would like to do something, it does not follow that you can do it in a restaurant. Some people like to dress up as an orcs, but you can most likely not get a table at a  Michelin restaurant in that outfit. Is that sexist?

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